Apr 9, 2010, 12:54 PM |

Why If felling bad, doesn't feel so good, do I go on loving you?

What is about my legs, that no mater how much my heart hurts, I just cant walk away?

I know all that you say now, is a lie, yet, ever time you come back, I truly believe your going to try.

Your stories are as shallow as your embrace, yet when you take me in your arms I just can pull away.

And the last time you left, I locked the doors, and away I swore you would be kept.

Yet, again, why do I answer your knock? What is about you that I just cant stop?

How many times can my heart be shattered to pieces, before its broke for good?

Why do I do what I shouldn't, and don't do what I should?

Why do I go on loving you?