Sabbath Sunshine

Nov 2, 2008, 7:18 PM |

Oh' how does the Sabbath sunshine make you prettier than on the week days, I love your fluid elegance dancing in, and out of the sun rays.

Could I possible be concocting or projecting an essence that is non existent on a marrow that has zero obligation. 

Affection turns to infection!

If I had the power to stop the hands of time, it would be this moment that would be eternally mine.

I am at aw, for how could a day by any other name not be the same.

Its that Sabbath, the sunshine, the song bird, nothing else has changed.

Yet it seems that all of heavens glory has opened up to me!

For I knew not a notion of this magnitude existed, and If I grow to be a wise old man, I hope this memory will always be persistent.

And I hope to always have enough wits about me to give praises, for how does the sabbath sunshine make you prettier than on the weekdays??????.............This poem was inspired by the opening two or three paragraphs in The Black Veil, By Nathanial Hawthorne.