Sea of Despair

Feb 10, 2010, 10:37 AM |

when was the last time your kiss was mine, for no longer do i see my reflection in your eyes,

yet how, is this now,

when passion once was our wind, sailing us to places no others have ever been.

yet now we sit, a drift, stranger to each others lips,

for I once new the taste so well, yet now we are blown apart by a gail.

floundering and falling away from our hearts, is this the end, when i thought we had just to start,

yet now no longer can we confide in each other, we went from so close to distant lovers,

was this how the story was told all along, yet how were we to know we would have to fight as storm so strong.

if we had clung tight, then maybe there was chance to win this fight,

yet now as our ship has come in, the tide takes it away again.