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She Doesnt Even Know It

Apr 23, 2010, 7:06 AM 6

Her beauty, there is no denying, and she is so beautiful without even trying,....

and she doesn't even know it.

She turns heads with the slightest of ease, but always a lady to the highest degrees....

and this is why her elegance cant be matched.

She is a Mona Lisa, a Cleopatra, a Helen, one of those ladies that are so rare, that long after they are gone, stories of their beauty will live on.....

yet, she doenst know this.

Her smile is like looking into the sun, no mater how bright it becomes....

you just cant turn away.

All it take is one glance from her eyes, and then......., deep will have new definition.

and she doesnt even try.

You could pay her a thousand complement, yet never would it take her away from being modest,.....

and because of this, she is even more beautiful still.

Out of all the wishes I could have come true, there is only one that I would chose,......

and that is, let my eyes be hers,

Let her see how beautiful she truly is, let her have no doubt that she is a gift,....

from the heavens .

and that her presence, is proof that there is a glorious God, who is an artist, and sent us his master piece,....

This would be my one wish, and like here beauty, she doesn't even know it.

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