Sleep walker

May 4, 2010, 7:17 AM |

Again, when I awake, the vision of you, is all I can see, superimposed on my minds eye, taken from the dream,

I can still feel your embrace, and taste your kiss, and no mater how I chase..the dream I still wake up like this.

Were, even though, I awake alone, your sweet perfume, still feels my room.

And I'm left wondering....... was it all just a dream?

But no, this cant be so, because even though, I wake up alone,

I know what you look like, I know what you act like, I know I'm not concocting such an image as you, I know that even though your my dream angel, you are true.

I have tasted the saltiness of your tears, for I kissed them away, as you cried because of the coming day,

You too, have held me as I cried, damning the morning light, doing my best to keep my eyes closed tight.

But to no avail, and now the sunny day turns into my own living hell,

I go about walking in a haze, my dream angel, is all I can think, looking to every face, but none are the same.

And if I were to come upon you, would you recognize me? Would you ignore the dream?

These are the things, as I go through the day, in my mind remand caught, as I do what I do, every day after dreaming of you, I sleep walk.