Spring Time

Mar 11, 2010, 6:26 PM |

You are the tease, that tells me of the things to come.

During the day your warmth is enough, yet when the night comes,

well I'm left shivering from the chill.

You are the soft whisper of whats right around the corner, staying ever so cold, yet promising me it will soon be warmer.

No, I cant see any change, other than the subtle constant drip of melting ice.

That and the slush that is left in your wake, yet I have been around you long enough to see around you.

You are the laughter of little kids, who though, cant understand you the way I do, can love you stronger, and longer than I could ever again.

You are the first song birds to return with their gay songs, returning as if nothing was ever wrong.

No, I never notice the colors you dawn, nor the scent that you put on.

I never look at your beauty, but rather thought it, because I am not in love with you like that.

Yet with out you, my love that is true, would never come around.

So does this mean I have to love you, to love my love? Does this mean I have to smile at you to smile at her. Does this mean I have to embrace you to embrace her?

Oh damn the order of thing!