The Dance

Nov 22, 2008, 7:31 PM |

We once danced in an elegant aura, the ambiance set by our kindred souls, we laughed, we loved, we let go.

I knew your next step, as you knew mine, we spoke not with our mouths, but rather with our minds.

There was no need to lead, nor need to follow, for the dance was as natural as the flight of the swallow.

We swayed to the melody of the sweet music, where danced in the clouds, and this was no illusion.

For the heaves were ours, as we spun around the stars.

We held each other close, thanking that we would never let go.

But just as quick as it began, the music came to an end........

and I just wanted to thank you for the dance!

..........This poem is part of my free style series.