Wake to Bake

May 9, 2010, 12:13 PM |

I woke up on the sunnier side of sun shine, knowing I owned the rhyme.

Decided to take the pen and paper for a walk, just to hear em talk, while in the clouds my head is caught,

Fallowing em like Alice did, with the white rabbit, but I'm more than just a slave to this habit.

I take the green one, and a giant I become,......... while others sing the blues,

standing in your shoes, I too, would be confused, but I'm not looking out of your eyes, but these two.

And if everything is perspective, you don't have to like it, but at least respect it.

Check it, I once borrowed tears of sorrow, because I feared the morrow,

...............and there ain't no changing that, while some rage in peace, I wallow in combat, because its not where your from, but where your at.

You hear that? Whats this at my door step?

Three little birds are singing for me, telling me to keep chasing the dream, so I'm not worried if your following me.

So what, if you cant pick up what I have been throwing down, I would offer you a shovel so you could dig this fertile ground, but you cant understand that this is both, lost and found, were silence is sound, tied is unbound, simple is compound, and words are so straight they work all around.

So I'm not worried about a thing, while the sun is shinning on me, and the birds sing.