Whsipers in the wind Part.2

Apr 14, 2009, 12:52 PM |

I knew she did not want me to see,.. her looking at me,

And how I... did truly try,

not to in her direction,.. but against her pull I had no protections.

so just like in a thousand other live before, Just from one look we both knew there was something more.

For even though,.. we both froze,

in this life time we knew each other not,... yet we both knew as soon as our eyes locked,

Her and I have tried , to tie our souls together a thousand times.

For her and I could never forget, that I am here Romeo, and she my Juliet.

That countless times we have tasted each others kiss under a moon,... yet countless times our love was taken away far to soon!,

yet our two spirits to this day, could never ever be pulled away from one another,... for we are and always will be mental lovers.

This plague on both our names, always ends our love in pain.

And I cant recall how many lives have since past,..but in one of them she came crying to me and ask..

from now on could we forgo the pain, because even though she knew our love is real, she feels she was going insane.

and I love here so much that I said yes, I will stand a side.. for she believes if she can love another then she can eternally die, and I too have tried,

but to no avail, so every new life is a new living hell, and it never fails,

destiny always returns her to me,

always in a different form,..yet still the same eyes, and same heart, that is still torn.

and the true tragedy, is she fears the curse... worse,

than...to every kiss my lips again,

So this time as our eyes lock,.. I try to act as if I don't know her, as she wipes away a lonely tear drop.

Then she quickly regains her composure, and takes a deep breath,......as I sadly walk away, waiting for my next death!

To all who read this, please read whispers in the wind part 1, then re-read part to for greater appriciation and understanding of part 2. It can be found on my profile page. I am very proud of where these poems are going. I forsee a true epic poem being born form these poems. I had an idea that what if Mercusio,(Romeos best friend) famous last words, "A plague on both your houses" was a curse going father than what just the death of Romeo and Juliet, but a plague on the family names themselve. Where as Romeo and Juliet are to face reincaration only to go through the same pain as in Skakespears story. So I will proceed to try and write that story.