worlds apart


hello sister moon,.... i am son dirt, from mother earth.

sitting way down here below you, wonder what i would have to do to know you.

because i am amazed that i cant brake your gaze.

your beauty pulls me like you pull the tide, and even though im lacking wings, looking at you makes me feel like i can fly.

and even though we may or may not be from the same planet, we share the same universe,

so in one essence were are closer than we realize, even though i am of day and you are of night.

we share a celestial connection that cant be broken, leaving a new world of possibilities open.

so who's to say that you and i, could not start new worlds spinning if we tried.

in other words, the big bang theory could be proven true by me and you,

if we so chose, to see this chance, that is at hand,

so what are we waiting for when the gods set this in motion along time ago!