Nov 4, 2008, 2:50 PM |

We are bobbing to a melody, we are swaying to a beat,

not understanding why we feel so incomplete.

The record spun backwards wont give us the message we are after,

yet the song we try to capture!

We spit venom on the rhyme when the chorus didn't commit a crime,

give me on reason why music has to be defined.

Don't you know music will still stand with no verses,

if you had no voice would you feel worthless,

some of the best poetry in the world is wordless. A beat, beats, a melody sways,

verses or no verses just let the music play!....................I had the honor of working with a fellow artist who's stage name is Xela, one of the most intellectual minds I have ever come a cross. He and I use to jam out, and talk music. One day he, and I had a conversation similar to this poem, in which he and I agreed was an analogy to life and most peoples outlook. And in it this poem wrote itself, I merely relaid what I heard to paper!