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Keeping a Chess Journal

Nov 11, 2012, 6:20 PM 0

I recently got back into chess, and one of the differences between now and when I learned is that now I started recording every single game that I play. Not only that, I analyze those games as well. In the analysis I record my emotions, my thoughts, my strategies etc. I also record which moves were mistakes, or were extremely weak, and then list possible alternatives. Keeping a record of your games allows you to play them over again, track your progress as a player, and also correct any mistakes you may have made so that you do not make them again. Although recording your personal games is not a new thing at all, I like to record much more than just the moves. I record whether or not I was proud of a particular outcome, and why (and this is important because sometimes even wins can be disappointing), and also what I need to do to correct myself in preparation for later games. This practice has increased my skill as a chess player, and is part of the reason that even though I have only been back into chess for a few days, I am already far better than when I had played for years as a kid. I hope this helps!

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