Decade volcanoes

Apr 9, 2009, 2:12 AM |

There is a list of top volcanoes that seem dangerous, but personally, I think some are missing from the list.

Here is the list

These volcanoes are dazngerous as they are near large centers of population


However, I think we should be watching some other volcanoes.

* The supervolcano at Yellowstone. If it blows, say goodbye to America

*The supervolcano at Lake Toba, which has forced humanity through a bottleneck already


The underwater volcanoes erupting in Tonga, which are on going

The Chaitian volcano presently erupting, which looks as if it may go critical.

Watch these volcanoes carefully, and hope they don't produce a huge or super eruption.

Most catastrophic eruptions come from long dormant volcanoes, and these also need to be watched.