Kinks in the lines

Apr 30, 2009, 1:44 AM |

I was looking at this graph and I've noticed that in each line there is a kink.


This graph comes from


SC 12 to 13 goes down to close to, 10 kicks back up to near 15, goes down to 5, flatlines and kicks up to 7, and drops below 5 and then finnally we see the almost exponential part up to 45.

We see a similar pattern in 13-14, 20-21 21 -22 is slightly different, but we see a kick, 22-23 has a kick high up in the line, but nowhere else. So , perhaps we can expect a similar line form from cycle 23-24. Perhaps we'll see the line kick back up to 6 or seven, only to drop back down and flatline out, and finally grow again. If we look at the graph, the current line looks like a cross between 12 -13 and 11-12. My feeling is that the kick can't be far away, and that will signify the arrival at minimum. The kick seems more pronouced in shorter cycles than longer ones.

What does this mean? Any ideas? What causes the fluctuations, and will we see similar patterns? Can we read anything into this graph?