Eating humble pie

May 12, 2008, 4:21 AM |

Sometimes when I'm playing a lower ranked player I forget to actually look at the board and play chess as the 'you'll whip his/her butt' lights Embarassed are flashing away in my head. In a recent game in a competition, I lost both rubbers to a lower ranked player because of this 'asleep at the wheel syndrome'.

But lets not take anything away from the opponent, they played very well to win the game. So well done and pass me the humble pie.

I play best when I actually analyse the position. I may make a duff move, but I use the analysis board often nowadays. I don't thing it's cheating,(well not much, I suppose it is a bit but I don't use a programme to help me). Some of my best moments have been on the analmysis board. And some of my 'what do I do now ' moments too.