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This blog is designed as a welcome to chess.com. I am a greeter and as such play unrated games against people. So how does it work? Well, use the horizontal green tab to help you navigate. On "PLAY" you will find various options. "Turn based chess " is about playing against real people. "Online tournaments" is about joining or running a tournament. "Live chess" is to play a "blitz" game live,"against the computer" gives you 3 levels of difficulty to play v the computer, and "vote chess" is a way to play a team chess game. If you click on "turn based chess", you get directd to another page, with options like 'start new game' 'open seeks', it looks like this....Have look at here http://www.chess.com/echess/myhome.html.

To start a new game, you click on start a new game, or to join a table you click on open seeks.

The learning tab is designed to help improve your game, with the Chess Mentor and the Tactics Trainer.

The « shop » tab is to buy stuff from the chess.com shop, the « forums » to ask and find answers, the « news » is chess news, the « events » are chess events,the « members » is to find a member, to change your membership or to recommend the site to others, the « clubs » to help you find a local or internet club the « directories » is to find coaches, downloads, equipment, stores etc, the downloads is to find various chess downloads, the "fun" tab is for quizzes, trophies, videos, surveys, and so on. Finally the "my home page" is to help you navigate, with blogs, email, messages, groups, friends and so on.

Have fun exploring all these.

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Common questions

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What are the rules of chess?



What can I do to improve?



How do I get to be a greeter?

Chess.com Greeters

Every day hundreds of new members join Chess.com and sometimes they just don't know what to do. Well, everybody loves a personal welcome, so we would appreciate it if everyone could open themselves up to becoming a Chess.com greeter! A Chess.com Greeter simply plays an introductory unrated chess game and can help answer any questions. 

How to become a Chess.com Greeter: Just go to your chess preferences page and choose to become a greeter and set how many games you are willing to play at a time. Then you will have unrated games start automatically. But don't worry - they don't affect your stats! :) Also, you don't have to finish the game with them. If either of you wants to, you can resign that game and move on to meet other people!

Who are you?

My name is Richard Jenkins.I teach English and work and live in France.


Why does it take so long for you to move?

I live in Europe and play when I can. I'll Make my moves, just be patient! I'm not always online, it just seems that way. seriously, i'm a busy person, so please bear with me. A 3 day per move game could take a month to complete. or more. or less. It depends on our respective 'time zones'


Or, place your question below, and I'll get back to you.ASAP.Or look here


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