The one that got away and the one that didn't

The one that got away and the one that didn't

Dec 30, 2014, 5:11 PM |

In the week leading up to the 7 round Canterbury Summer Swiss Tournament that I just competed in, I focused my preparation on the french defence as I was constantly having troubles with it. In the end I stumbled upon the idea of the King's Indian Attack against the french, a system that instantly increased my results against the french.

I watched many youtube videos on it learning all the concepts, memorising the games of Bobby Fischer and Claus Jensen. 

The main video that helped me was:

Also Claus Jensen's videos:

Fortunately for me 2 of my 6 games (I took a bye in round 3) were against the french defence (completely justifying my preparation choice) and thanks to my preparation I had an absolutely winning position in both of them however in the first game I didn't capitalize on my big advantage and ended up blundering D:

 The one that got away:

After this game I vowed that the next 1600 I faced would have to watch out (unfortunately I lost against the next 1600 i met in round 5...)

In round 7 however I had my last chance for retribution for my earlier defeat in the french against a higher rated opponent >:D

The one that didn't: