When Should'nt you Resign?

When Should'nt you Resign?

May 29, 2015, 5:42 PM |

The chess.com forums run rife with topics about how people's opponents should have resigned and in almost all cases i agree with the complaitant, a lot of times it is such a waste of time to keep playing on down a queen or a piece. So for the past month i've bookmarked some of my games where i blundered but kept playing and went on to win and some cases where i have been the winning won and my opponent kept playing and won, in an effort to try to determine when should you not resign...

Case 1: Some sort of fathomable compensation for the piece:

Game 1: (http://www.chess.com/livechess/game?id=1119649892)

It was of paramount importance that White is forced to create kingside weaknesses (by playing g3, f4 etc.) before he is allowed to win my piece. I saw that my LSB was uncontested and if I could create a battery along the a8-h1 diagonal i would annihilate so I played on down a piece. Yes he could have easily won but this was a bullet/blitz game so no one is gonna play perfect especially if they have exploitable weaknesses.

Unfortunately my opponent ran out of the time there but i was about to win back my piece and win the exchange aswell.

Game 2: (http://www.chess.com/livechess/game?id=1153975688)

This game was quite a dissappointment as it was yet another case of the weak backrank... all i had to do was push a pawn instead of getting greedy anyway, i was up a queen and i guess he decided to play on just incase i didnt fix my back rank issues.

Case 2: There is still a knight on the board:

It's a common saying among even grandmasters that if you still have a knight on the board in a blitz game never resign. The following game is probobly my biggest swindle thus far and i gotta say, I am not proud of it...

Case 3: Time
The person who has more time to make a move is undoubtly probably going to make the better one so timed chess is not just about playing the better moves but also managing time better to make those moves. Yes it's a massive shame when one loses on time but it's a legitimate way of winning and a logical one at that so please just grow a pair and move on...