23 March 2011

Mar 23, 2011, 10:43 AM |

5th day of spring break... and 5 days to go! Thinking a lot about life. Played two games of chess with my friend Rena (also known as Keiichi, The_Llama_King, or ULTRA_LLAMA_2000). I lost both times. :( But I am still awesome. Practice, practice, practice, as my Speech teacher would say (Ms. Powers rox!)

Oh, and the Weird Murder Massacre Awesome Brigade (WMMAB) is awesome too.

Did you know that in Sweden or something they have middle finger wrestling, and if you win the championship you get to use your middle finger for whatever you want for like a year as long as you stay in that country? Me and my friends practice! It's fun, but it hurts your fingers, like they are being ripped off!