Mar 23, 2011, 11:02 AM |

The WMMAB stands for Weird Murder Massacre Awesome Brigade. There are five members. Four of those members are almost quadruplets! Yay! And then there is a koifish. Just kidding. Lol. He is just some normal person. I lied again! He is far far far from normal. All of us are far far far from normal! Yay!

The main subject of this club is to celebrate insanity. We all have our own nicknames...

The Sadistic Maniac

The Cannabalistic Maniac

The Homicidal Maniac

The Dismembering Maniac

The Koifish

And there you go! Beware our awesomeness!

One of the members are legally insane! Really! The Cannabalistic Maniac went to the doctor and he wrote down everything she said and then he stated: "You're crazy." She also got sent to the counselors office by my science teacher because she wrote a "menacing" story (I guess) about what would happen if the Yellowstone SuperVolcano blew up. Apparantly it was pretty detailed. And I told mom, she said to not get sent to the counselors because of my imagination. :(

Blast! My dreams of going to the counselors office because of my imagination have been shattered!