The powerful Queen's Gambit


Hi everybody!This article presents some basic ideas around the Queen's Gambit (QG).Slav and semi-Slav defences are not included.Enjoy.

The QG is a closed opening because none of the players want to achieve a clear advantage early in the game.It is an opening that is more for positional players because the advantage is achieved by forcing the opponent to defend himself with his pieces on weak squares,and this is done by subtle manuevers instead of clear attacks and/or sacrifices.

Before getting into the accepted/declined variations let's see some other types of responses by black:

Albin Counter Gambit:










Chigorin Variation:










































QG Accepted:1.d4 d5 2.c4 dxc4.Black abandons the center.It is a wrong idea to try to hold on to the pawn on c4:













White has to prevent 3...e5!:















Alekhin's idea on the development of Bc8:




























Black may choose not to take the gambit pawn,then it is called Queen's Gambit Declined (QGD).

QGD-Passive defence-White keeps attacking Black's d-pawn and Black keeps defending it:











The Orthodox Defence:









































Tartakower defence (also called as Makogonov Defence):











Alekhine's line (evades exchange on d5,White finishes development on the king side,restricts the movement of the Black Queen):








Playing against the Alekhine line:
















Active Defence (more offensive gameplay by Black in the opening):

Cambridge-Springs variation (also known as Pillsbury variation):






















Tarrasch defence:









































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