Master Analysis of Your Games

Master Analysis of Your Games

FM RitvarsReimanis

Hi All,

It is already July - time flies indeed! While this is a cliche thing to say, over the last few weeks that is exactly how I have been feeling. Monotonous every day with work, sleep, eat, chess, shower, repeat.. - that's how days, weeks, months (hopefully not years) pass.

Some of you may know that during the pandemic I have been streaming some of my blitz sessions here on (find session recordings here). All in all with various success, but always in good company with my loyal viewers. As you know, pre-pandemic, now and then I would play some OTB tournaments and analyze here on my blog. Today I decided that it is time to bring the two things together - game analysis and streaming. So I have decided to make an offer to you...

Send me your interesting games, and I will do my best to explain things from a master's point of view and analyze YOUR games LIVE.

How to send the games?

Post them in the comments section of this blog post.

When will I broadcast the analysis?

First session will be on Thursday, 7-9PM UK time. Session number two will be on Saturday 7-9PM UK time.

Where can I tune in for the forecast?

On my Twitch channel here.

How much does it cost you to get your games analyzed? 

Nothing. It's for free. 

Can I ask questions during the analysis?

Yes, this is meant to be a very much of an interactive session, so your questions are welcome during the stream.

Looking forward to receiving your games and see you on Thursday!