Master Analysis of Your games #11

Master Analysis of Your games #11

IM RitvarsReimanis

Hello World,

Chess still clearly enjoys massive amounts of attention both thanks to Queen's Gambit series and general spike in interest for the game. Now that stars have aligned for chess, it is us, the chess players, whose responsibility it is to be welcoming to the new bunch of people starting with our beloved game and show it and the whole chess community from the best side possible.

Attempting to be responsible adult and chess player, I have been reflecting on my contribution and behavior in chess community, and there is clearly space for improvement. First, let's start with the positive things - I have been regularly streaming chess on Twitch, and trying to show the fun part of the game while illustrating instructive moments during the games. While my insights are nowhere near the best or World class, I still believe they add value to viewers and if nothing more - the whole thing offers some entertainment to laugh at/with while enjoying a beer on a Monday night.

The negatives. I am a bad loser. For those of you have been following my stream probably have noticed that I get rather agitated when I lose games on time, blunder pieces, or in general when I lose games, which at the time I think I don't deserve to lose. This is bad sportsmanship, and it must stop NOW. I apologize to any players who I have annoyed by my poor behavior when handling loses, and I am committed to leave this bad temper issue in the past. Selfishly, this is for the good of myself, as I strongly believe one needs to learn to lose to understand the game of chess. Also this is to show respect to fellow chess players and the game itself.

Moving on... 

Tomorrow is "that day of the week" again when I am hosting "Master Analysis of Your Games" episode #11.

What is "Master Analysis of Your Games" all about?

A couple of hours a week I spend analyzing YOUR games LIVE on my Twitch channel. You are able to ask questions, which I then try to answer on the spot. This is NOT analysis with top engines (you can do that yourself). This is me offering my humble opinion/explanations when looking at certain positions and analyzing your games in general. So in short - it is your chance to get a human feedback on your games, and you get to ask questions if anything is unclear!

When is the next analysis session?

19 November, 7PM London time (GMT)

How will it work?

I will analyze LIVE on my Twitch channel YOUR games and you will be able to ask questions etc.

How do I submit my games?

Post them in the comments session below OR you can submit the games thorough the week on my discord channel here.

IMPORTANT - when submitting games, make it clear which color you are playing, what is the time control and what are the rating of the players.

IMPORTANT 2 - please do not submit bullet games for analysis as there is little educational value in that!

Thank you All for your support and interest in these sessions. I am looking forward to seeing all your interesting games already tomorrow.