Master Analysis of Your Games (2nd edition)

Master Analysis of Your Games (2nd edition)

FM RitvarsReimanis

Hi All,

Hope everyone is safe and healthy, and enjoying the chess boom! A couple of weeks back I had the opportunity to take a little break of business as usual and head to Copenhagen, Denmark for a bit of rest. It was really refreshing to see life more back to normal in comparison to what is the situation now in the UK.

Meanwhile in Copenhagen, Denmark...

Now I am back in Edinburgh and so over the last couple of days I have restarted regular streaming on my Twitch channel, with some casual games with my viewers and other beasts. Prior my vacation, I did a little experiment of analyzing my viewer games LIVE via Twitch (see video here) and it proved to be a success, so this Saturday (1 August) we shall repeat this.

How can you submit YOUR games for analysis?

Just post the game you want me to analyze in comments section of this blog post.

How much does it cost you to get MASTER analysis of YOUR games?

It costs you nothing. This is my way of giving back to the chess community.

Will you be able to ask questions LIVE as the games are analyzed during the stream?

Absolutely - that is the whole point. All you need to do is to tune in for the stream at 6PM London time.

I am looking forward to seeing your games and see you on Saturday!