Master Analysis of Your games #4

Master Analysis of Your games #4

IM RitvarsReimanis

Hello Everyone,

Hope you guys are doing well in these consistently strange times. I have had a fair share of adventures over the last few weeks, which in short can be summarized in the below bullet pointers - 

  • Traveled back home to Latvia to spend some quality time with family and friends
  • Traveled to Italy to play my first OTB tournament since You-Know-What started (blog post coming up soon)
  • Got food poisoning
  • Returned from Italy early
  • Got healthy again
  • Staying at home in Scotland, working and playing chess
  • Reached 2700 in Blitz rating here on

Enough with the bullet points and let's cut it to the chase - over the last couple of months I have run 3 sessions of LIVE analysis of Your games on my Twitch channel. Due to high demand, I have decided to run these "analysis" sessions regularly now. Every week on Wednesdays 7PM London time I will host a stream where I go through YOUR games that you have submitted prior the session.

When is the next analysis session?

23 September, 7PM London time (GMT+1)

How will it work?

I will analyze LIVE on my Twitch channel YOUR games and you will be able to ask questions etc.

How do I submit my games?

Post them in the comments session below.

I will leave you with a puzzle from one of my games in Cattolica Open I played in Italy vs a GM from France. White has just played Kh6, what do you think is the evaluation of position and what's the best move for Black?
Thank you for your attention and I hope to see you on Wednesday!