Master Analysis of YOUR Games #8

Master Analysis of YOUR Games #8

IM RitvarsReimanis

Hi All,

Some of you may wonder why sheep is featuring this blogpost, and no, the answer is NOT that I have turned into a sheep, but I just looked through some old pictures from travels and thought this was a picture which hopefully will bring some positivity

I hope life is treating you well and you’re taking advantage of the fact that there is little we can do these days except of learning and playing chess!

One way to do this is to join our “Master Analysis of YOUR games” session tomorrow!

What is "Master Analysis of Your Games" all about?

A couple of hours a week I spend analyzing YOUR games LIVE on my Twitch channel. You are able to ask questions, which I then try to answer on the spot. This is NOT analysis with top engines (you can do that yourself). This is me offering my humble opinion/explanations when looking at certain positions and analyzing your games in general. So in short - it is your chance to get a human feedback on your games, and you get to ask questions if anything is unclear!

When is the next analysis session?

29 October, 7PM London time (GMT)

How will it work?

I will analyze LIVE on my Twitch channel YOUR games and you will be able to ask questions etc.

How do I submit my games?

Post them in the comments session below.

Many thanks in advance for submitting your games and I am looking forward to a fantastic session!