GTC update, can a 1300 beat a 2600

Jun 11, 2016, 9:28 AM |

?can a 1300 beat a 2800?,GTC coverage


it can happen it can only happen if the GM makes a blunder or gives up to much in the game.

but so far this has only happened once wen a 1300 beat an 2616. The 1356 was remembered to this day and he will be forever. This might have bin to worlds largest upset in all of chess history . Evryone has high hopes for this  individual in the time to come. in the past year he has become a big hit on twitter,Facebook...  he is hopefully going to become a master in time do. he will play meny other Gms he almost won a tornamant it bulgaria. But mii how sara got the best of him in the last round mii how sara is a 11 year old FM from india.



This blog is also going to cover the GTC aka grand chess tour. the players competing are Hikaru nakamur,vladamers cram nick,... if you like a GM that are probably going to be there for this event. there are also 2 different events going on they are the rapid in france. And the blitz in belgiam. both of these events have already started. so far the leaders are world chess champion carlson,Nacamura. i favor Hikaru in the blitz. I think he plays it alote more then magnus. But in the rapine i have to favor Magnus  i think naka likes the faster time limit so he can bring all of his iner Hikaru.