2012-11-18 Nowell-Fragni 1-0

Nov 18, 2012, 10:49 AM |

Round 6, the last of the tournament, and my first victory. (I had a bye in round 5).


I think that 27. Rf1 was my first significant mistake. I simply overlooked that it left the pawn on e4 undefended. As well as going a pawn up, Black gains the initiative.

When this sort of thing happens I am all too likely to go to pieces. I have been playing well for two hours or so, and then all of a sudden I lose the tiny advantage I have managed to build up. This time I didn't do that, and although I did make at least two more mistakes in defence, I kept looking for a way back in to the game, and in the end I was rewarded.

Black's 37... h4 looks as though it is simply increasing the pressure, but in fact it is a decisive mistake. After 38. h3 his queen has nowhere to go. He can minimize the damage by giving check 38... Ne1+, but after 39. Qxe1 he is down a knight for a pawn and losing.