Landing my White Whale

Landing my White Whale

NM RobKing
Jan 26, 2012, 8:21 PM |

I've been playing chess seriously for the past 3 years and there has been one player who has been my proverbial white whale, John Curdo. John is a legend here in MA, he has won the MA state title 16 times ! John and I have had many epic battles. In fact, David Pruess did a 2 part video series on one of my games against John from a few years ago. I was rated around 1700 at that time (Im 2050+ now). Here are the links to those videos :  &

This game starts very similar to the game reviewed in those videos and I definitely learned something from them!

John and I have been having a "theoretical discussion" in a particular line of the Dutch for the past year. He has opted in the past to take the pawn on b2 but in this game he plays d6 instead and I believe I found a good way of refuting this idea. Let's take a look at the game because I feel it is pretty instructive.


White to move and win.








The rest of the game finished up quite easily.


The most important thing that I take from this game is that playing where your position is strongest is almost always the best idea. I had space on the Queenside and the only way to realize my advantage to to go for one of these "minority attack" type plans. Another thing is that you always should be looking for shots like Bc7 in positions where your opponent is under a great deal of pressure. Tactics seem to grow out of situations like this.
I hope you enjoyed the game and I look forward to reading your comments!