Reacting to Stunning Moves

NM RobKing
Dec 9, 2014, 9:55 PM |

This game was played at the Metrowest Chess Club in Natick, MA. The MCC is one of the largest active chess clubs in the country and is frequented by many of the strongest players in MA. After a disappointing loss against Vadim Martirosov last week from an equal position, I played an extremely talented 13 year old named Alex Fauman. Alex comes from a large family of extremely talented chess players. I have played his two older brothers, Jake and Charlie, in the past and I know that they are extremely strong attacking players with amazing creativity and tactical vision. My intention in this game was to steer into "boring" waters but Alex would have none of that. To me, this game is a good example of keeping a cool head and not automatically playing forcing lines when faced with difficulties. Please comment with questions, comments, or concerns.