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Crazy tactics with a queen down!

Crazy tactics with a queen down!

Sep 15, 2014, 3:31 AM 1

Last Saturday I participated in one of my favorite rapid tournaments of the year in Delft. Compared to most one day tournaments it has the advantage (in my opinion) the tournament starts only at 3 pm, so that players don't have to hurry on saturday morning. Moreover a great Chinese buffet is always arranged by the organizers offering the players a nice 1h break to socialize with their competitors. 


Last year I managed to share tournament victory, but this time my play wasn't exemplary at all. In the first couple of rounds I struggled with two draws vs. significantly lower rated opponents and a loss to GM Benjamin Bok in round 5 ended my hopes repeating last years success. Finally I ended on 5/7, finishing half a point behind the tournament winners on a shared 4th place. Certainly I didn't deserve anything more :)


My favorite game was played in round 4 vs. a 2200+ player from Amsterdam area. After a quiet manoeuvring middlegame the ending suddenly heated up when I went all-in with a kingside attack, allowing my opponent to queen his passed a-pawn. Check it out below!


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