NEW: The Killer Scotch + Nepo-Ding

NEW: The Killer Scotch + Nepo-Ding

IM RobertRis

Hi everyone!

While enjoying my spare time on the warmest day of the year in The Netherlands, I'm proud to announce another release: The Killer Scotch! It has been only two months since my DVD on the Killer Scandinavian has been launched and I am very glad to have been invited again by my good friend GM Simon Williams to record another video series. In cooperation with Team GingerGM I have created a very sharp White repertoire against 1.e4 e5, based on my own original ideas and the latest developments in this fascinating opening. 

On the GingerGM website you can watch 3 videos for free , which is hopefully enough to convince you buying my this piece of work! After completing this course my recommendation h2-h4 in the Mieses Variation (4...Nf6) was seen in the game Nepomniachtchi-Ding Liren played on the 22nd of July in Legends of Chess online tournament. The Russian star, current World no. 4, managed to crush Ding (World no. 3) in fantastic style, as below you can replay the game with light annotations in the game viewer. I couldn't have wished any better promotion of my newly published repertoire and hence I decided to include the game on my DVD as a bonus video! Thanks Ian!

I'm looking forward hearing feedback on my work and personally I can't wait to see more crushing White victories!

Wishing you all the best & stay safe!