PRO Chess League Week 2 prediction

PRO Chess League Week 2 prediction

IM RobertRis

Here my predictions for week 2. Hope you all enjoy the matches!


Eastern Division:

Delhi-Mumbai: 9-7 The Dynamite is too explosive in the all Indian match!

Amaravati-Odisha: 6-10 looks a decent result for both teams to me.

Gorky-Shymkent: 7-9 don't know too much about either team.

Belgrade-Budapest: 7-9 I think the Budapest gambit is just more sound than the Belgrade Gambit.

Riga-Ljubljana: 11-5. I was completely wrong with first round predicition for team Riga, so I would like to put that right!

Norway-Johannesburg: 11-5. Sweet revenge for the Gnomes as I still believe them to be one of the overall favorites despite the first round loss.


Central Division:


Lagos-Abuja: 8-8 hard fought friendly draw!

Amsterdam-Apeldoorn: 9-7. The Apes are unable to deal with the Mosquito bites

Cannes-Marseille: 9-7, I just like Cannes as a city better :)

Hamburg-Dublin: 9-7. Hamburg is looking for a sweet revenge after their disappointing tie with Reykjavik last week.

Reykjavik-Stockholm: 9-7. Bjorn Thorfinnson infected me with the Puffin virus! Can't get this one out of my head:


London Towers-London Lions: 8-8 I simply don't dare to predict a winner here. Expecting some spectacular chess in this match though!


Atlantic Division:


Patagonia-Buenos Aires: 6-10. BA (from the A team!) is just still a force to reckon with.

NY-Miami: 6-10 I would be insane to bet against the team of Naka.

Columbus-Carolina: 9-7. Columbus can't be stopped by the cobras.

Philadelphia-Atlanta: 9-7 Norowitz on board 3 is quite an asset.

Montclair-NY: 10-6 Robert Hess will strike this time with 4-0.

Toronto-Montreal: 7-9 I'll go with the Chessbrah's


Pacific Dvision:

Pittsburgh-Minnesota: 10-6 pawngrabbers will be rewarded this time.

Webster-Saint Louis: 8-8. Very even match.

Rio Grande-Dallas: 7-9: Angel Arribas Lopez is man of the match scoring 4-0.

SF-SJ: 7-9. Hackers are moving in to Silicon Valley area!

Portland-Seattle: 8-8 looks like a fair outcome of this enthralling match!

San Diego-Vegas: 9-7 Don't see a reason why desert rats would be problem for surfers.