Special training offer! NEW: stencils with exercises

Special training offer! NEW: stencils with exercises

IM RobertRis
Mar 13, 2015, 11:11 AM |

Since the foundation of the Amsterdam Chess Academy I have been busy training the most promising youngsters in the region. Hence, I felt the urge of extending my training material by creating new stencils with diagrams, analytical exercises, game quizzes, calculating problems etc. and of course the answers. 


One of the recent exercises I gave to my students is the following pawn ending where Black is to move. I asked them to delve into the position and guess the outcome of the game. After that I let them play the position against each other with the aim to learn them more about the theme of mutual zugzwang. The solution is terribly difficult and not suprisingly nobody did find it. However, the joy of replaying the correct lines was certainly a pleasure for their eyes! :)


I would like to invite you doing the same. Give yourself some time and try to find the correct moves for both sides! Below you can find the correct lines, apologies for not translating my notes to English yet, but hope it's not a big deal for you.


If you are intersted to get trainings from me I am ready to give you more study material home with exercises. Although I haven't worked out all possible subjects yet, feel free to contact me and we can create a special training program.

SPECIAL OFFER:  valid until APRIL 30TH: 1 hour = 30 euro or for the more amibitous players 2 hours = 50 euro.