Tactic: Heberla-Ris, 2. Bundesliga

Tactic: Heberla-Ris, 2. Bundesliga

IM RobertRis
Dec 4, 2016, 1:26 PM |

Just got back home from a team match in 2. Bundesliga West. My team SF Katernberg suffered a painful defeat against Dortmund: 1.5-6.5. 


Against Polish GM Heberla I obtained a comfortable position out of the opening and could start thinking to play for an advantage. I have just won a pawn, but White has some compensation thanks to the discoordination of my pieces (see diagram)


With a few minutes each on the clock to reach move 40, I missed the beautiful idea from my opponent. White to play and try to calculate the entire variation!


You will understand that the 5-hour journey back home wasn't too much fun... ;-)