The Chess Player's Mating Guide Vol 1&2!

The Chess Player's Mating Guide Vol 1&2!

IM RobertRis
Jul 27, 2017, 12:16 PM |

Hi everyone,


Today I received a copy of the newly released Vol.2 of The Chess Player's Mating Guide series I recorded for ChessBase. I'm quite happy with the result and would recommend any ambitious club player and fan of attacking chess to have a look at my work. 

Vol 1. is about the King in the Centre, while Vol. 2 covers the weakened kingside. Both DVD's have around 20 big examples (some fascinating analysis and advices!) including play from World Champions and my own practice. Afterwards you will be challenged with 10 puzzles.

I believe anyone between 1400 and 2200 will certainly learn something new!


The following game was played after the recordings, otherwise I would have certainly included it! :) In any case you can find in the database which has been added as an extra!









Any feedback is appreciated!


See you!