My First Successful Tactical Combination!

Jan 27, 2008, 11:44 PM |

I'm a new chess player.  I learned how the pieces moved years ago, but just lately I've ventured into the world of tactics and strategy.  I'm very excited because I just played a game where I had captured my opponent's Queen by the 9th move, and I thought I'd gloat a little bit.

As White, I play King's Knight Opening and I'm met with the Philidor Defence. Philidor's Defence isn't used much in modern chess strategy because it gives White a clear advantage (Black wins only 24.3% of the time, with a 30.3% chance of a draw).

 This is my first successful attempt at chess tactics!  Often I can see several moves deep, but I almost always make a mistake by not considering EVERY aspect of the board.  This is what I'm working on, but it feels so great to actually pull off one of these combinations!  I must admit, I think I'm hooked for life!

(By the way, I ended up winning the game after Black resigned on move 26).