My Top 5 Craziest Chess Games

My Top 5 Craziest Chess Games

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Recently I've done a lot of blogs on other people, my last blog about my OWN games was in December so I've decided to make another blog about myself! Here are my Top 5 Craziest Chess Games along with some of the best tactics from my games. If you want me to cover my Top 5 WORST Games in my next blog, comment that down below. Maybe it'll happen! Anyways, here are my Top 5 Craziest Chess Games! Enjoy!

This game included my longest ever time thinking on one move. I ended up tying for 2nd in this tournament. My opponent in this game is heavily underrated and is also board 3 of the USATN team I'm playing for. In this tournament I lost the last round, if I had won I would've probably gotten 1st and tied with my good friend @Sep-Gol. For 2nd place, I tied with 6 other people and each of us got around 170 dollars. Not bad but could've been better, if you'd like to view the final tournament results you can view them here.

This is one of my favorite games since I was very slow to attack and it was well conducted and everything worked out perfectly. The Bg1, Qe3 maneuver as well as Kg2, and Rh1 was very nice and overall I didn't rush my attack and I was able to deliver in the last round which got me the 2nd place cash prize. Here are the final results of the tournament:

This game is one of my favorites since I blundered right out of the opening but thanks to the march of the king. I was able to promote! A lot was on the line and after I blundered I was like, "Oh no, not like this". I played on and eventually even after we traded queens the extra pawn saved the day despite being down a knight. These might seem pretty wild but the next two games are the most tactical games I have ever played.

This game was one of the craziest and most tactical games I've played. This is my 2nd favorite game but this next game is a masterpiece. You may have seen this game in @sneezingdino's blog when he did a viewer analysis which you should check out but here, I will be going deep with my own thinking.

My opponent here has an OTB peak of 1918, this was a classical time control game 75|10 and this was my most favorite game. My accuracy was 99.1 and hey stop it! I wasn't using fish stock! Anyways, to wrap up this blog, here's another two puzzles from my games!

If you read the entire thing, thank you so much. These games are really cool and hopefully, you learned some new ideas! Or maybe you just had fun. If you have any crazy games please put them in the comments below. Who knows? Maybe my next blog will be my Top 5 WORST Moves! Anyways, thanks for taking some time to read my blog, See ya!

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