An Opinion given on Impulse


Feel free to disagree, but I am convinced as of today, in an impulsive manner that no untitled player should be playing time controls under G60.  Real chess is at least G60.  Sadly most of my life all I have played is blitz, with some 15 minute games here and there; overall this is not a way to learn, but I will tell you why I and most untitled players play blitz--- it is because we are mentally lazy.  

I tried last night to play the computer in a G45, and I was just too impatient to really put 3 minutes of thought into a move;  part of the reason was due to it being 10pm and having a long day otherwise, but part of me knew that I really would have the same impatience if it were 10am.  Maybe part of this is just being out-of-shape physcially at the age of 40, yet I when I was 20 an in shape then it was still hard to "sit still" that long, in some ways having too much energy to invest my time in methodical thought.  

Yes, I know the typical response that blitz allows someone to explore concepts in a fast way, but really it doesn't.  If every move has 4 alternatives and you simply find the blunders you made, then you most likely overlook deeper themes that were present in the alternatives.  I don't guess I'll stop playing blitz myself, but I am just saying, that if my son wants to take up chess I will push him to only play a blitz game after every completion of 10 games of G60.  So if he plays 10 blitz games in a year, he will have also played 100 games in the longer time control.   If I do not hold myself to that same ratio I really don't expect myself to gain a deeper understanding of chess and positional issues involved.   But this is just my opinion.