Blogging Future

Aug 17, 2011, 7:49 PM |

I am learning the "blogging" feaure on and finished my latest two trial posts without any commentary.  I just realized that all blog posts are listed to the open public as "most recent blog posts" and was embarrased that the mass public had to see two entries that had zero value and content.  However, I think my wife has an account and though she doesn't play she subscribed to my blog and noticed her inbox was getting notices from my entry.  So my previous entry text was aimed at her. 

Regardless, I add this note for the public at large;  My blog and comments and analysis are NOT for the sake of instruction, in fact 95% of my observations will probably be entirely wrong and laughable, so I will gladly accept all critique of my games, thinking, analysis, or material. 

 I am sure there will be plenty of oversights concerning both my moves and my opponent's.  So my blogging is more a personal journal than public consumption, so I apologize in advance for cluttering up the public notification area. 


I have a lot of chess books but haven't read any of them yet.  Currently my main learning approach is to watch ChessNetwork (Jerry) and Kingscrusher, and a few other guys on youtube.  I am subscribed to a lot of youtube chess channels, and hope to start following some of the gm blogs and articles on   Anyhow, sorry for rambling, just wanted to state my new goals and explain the previous entries.   My twitter i.d. is "Chessinsight" I might try to create that i.d. for and chesscube too.  My online rating is really a 1400, maybe in 12 months I can get it 1800.   It is hard to concerate with a 3 year old now, but overall it is due to my lack of discipline.  Here goes...