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Cheater Alert

May 3, 2012, 11:11 AM 2

Okay, I can get totally embarrased if I am wrong in my accusation, but instead of making an accusation, I want to ask you to consider.  Is the player, "todilla"  a cheater?  He will be extremely honored for the compliment if this inquiry is wrong, but exposed if it is correct.  He was only played 12 games since making an i.d. and won the first 10, and then won his 12th game very decisively against an 1894 player.  Granted upon reviewing the game against Asadrampuri, black played more like a 1600 player (which is still 300 points higher than me, but a lot of poor moves anyhow).  I will probably be brought to large apology when further inquiry proves me entirely wrong and unfounded in my suspicion.  So without making accusation, I ask those with the curiosity to make further study and notice of his games.  Once again, I tip my hat to his great record, and if it be of his own skills, then he ought to start coaching and earn good money with his talent.  I have bookmarked his profile to learn more about his playing style.

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