Chess Variant Idea

Feb 12, 2015, 5:45 AM |

Off the cuff, here is an idea for a chess variant.  

Take a deck of cards, separate the red cards from the black cards.  Ace to 8 of clubs is black pawns, Ace to 8 of hearts is red pawns.

9 of clubs or spades is black knight, 9 of hearts or diamonds is red knight. (10 is bishops, Jack is Rook, Queens is Queen).

So the board begins as a complete blank board, and then you draw a card, let's say a 8 of clubs (or pawn); now however you make the rules, either, 

a1) You get to decide what square this piece goes on, but only on your half of the board (making your position good); or a2) you get to decide what square this piece goes on for your opponent (making his position weird)

b1) or, you get to decide the row the piece goes on, but your opponent then gets to decide which file the piece goes on after you indicate the row; ( I don't want someone to make triple pawns for me on the h-file etc, that is no fun; or else use an 8 sided die to roll and determine which file or row the piece will be placed on).

The goal is to randomize the cards (pieces), and make partially influenced rules about placement of those pieces which are drawn.  After all the pieces are placed, each player gets to determine where on the board his own king is placed on any legal vacant square.  To be fair, each player will write the square he wants his king to go on---on a piece of paper.  This way white cannot change his location based upon the black king location and vice versa, rather the location is determined based on the setup of other pieces, but no the king;  

You never know the order in which you will draw a piece, what if the first piece you draw is a Queen, and the first piece he draws is a rook, then over 5 turns you draw 5 pawns, but he draws his minor and major pieces.  

Who knows it may turn out not to be any fun this way, but it is like a Fischer Random, except you can use any 4 rows and not just the first 2 rows; you go start your position with a knight on c3 instead of the back rank, but if you draw your knight last in the deck and your opponent has another setup laid out (kind of like strageo where you can place you army in any order you like) then you may realize placing your knight on c3 will now not be a good decision.

Just an idea, ready to be deleted or altered, I may try a version like this with my son who will turn 7 in May.