How to use a chess blog


Just my opinion guys.  I like to use blogs for chess.  I am a pastor and Christian, and if I wanted a "devotional only post" then I would not use for it, as I see others doing in the blog section.  Do we want to come to the blog section and wade through 90 different political views, financial views, fitness views, diet views, and DIY house repairs?  

As a passionate pastor and conservative Christian, I don't mind ending a chess blog with a closing link to a devotional page or article, but not where the site now requires me filter out 90 tangents.  I don't want to join an online fitness forum and then have to wade through a lot of posts on chess or car repair, that just makes the site dysfunctional and requires everyone to use the local search bar to filter out what the site by nature is designed to focus on in the first place.  I have a ministry blog, and I can provide links to it below my chess articles, as an option for readers, but I don't think it is right to divert the community into other topics as the "main purpose of your posting".

Keep up the devotionals, but use them as a footnote on this site;  So for now, I got to learn to "follow and track" those who make good chess articles instead of wading through the public listing of blogs.