Martin's first OTB with a clock.

Apr 10, 2015, 1:22 PM |

Martin will be 7 next month.  Last year I taught him the moves and castling, then stopped because he always interrupted with 5 minute monologues about completely unrelated things; but now he is able to stay on task to topics we discuss.  Thus, I am starting to teach him again, and this time while using a clock.  I am only using the clock so I can stop after an hour and get other chores done.  So here is his first game that I notated while we played 25 minutes with 5 second delay. 

I asked him if he wanted me to play hard or easy, he said easy.  So, every time I had a strong continuation I chose a weaker one, but then circled the move in notation to go back and show him what weaknesses he had that I decided not to expose.  So far we have reviewed the first 7 moves of the game, because after having analysis chit-chat during our 50 minute game he was zonked.  Below is the game, and remember, I had to circle over 13 moves for "teaching moments".  I had times where I could have forked his two knights with a pawn, or forked his bishop and rook,  I could have won is queen for rook and Knight, etc.  My goal was to circle such instances and show him after the game what my threats were.  


I am trying to use a "move-by-move" instructional analysis in post game for him, but not such that it becomes over-whelming.  Later I may post the notes I gave him for everyone online.

Next month I will probably purchase him a membership to for his birthday.