OTB against Ella with Larry aiding. 4-14

Apr 14, 2015, 6:28 PM |

Ella is a beginner, but Larry is probably 100 to 150 points below me.  Larry aided Ella on every single move she made and also commented on every single move I made, tell her exactly my threats, ideas, and possible plans.  85% of the time Larry was correct in what he told her and what he pointed out about my options.  Larry, mind you, is a wonderful guy in his mid 70s.  So I kept laughing at Larry saying, "you are blowing my cover and plans, so I win I will write down 2-0 instead of 1-0."  

Half-way through the game Reggie showed up and Reggie is a pinch stronger than Larry and Reggie filled in any gaps of Larry's advice, and vice versa.  So if I win the game, I should get a result of 3-0.  Part of me thinks that, "If I can beat Larry or Reggie then I should win"  however that is not true, because one player's strengths cover the other player's weaknesses and so it is not as easy as just being a stronger player than Reggie.  Below is the game, and hopefully I can still learn from my mistakes.  

Oh, and the game lasted 2.5 hours (without the use of clocks).  They were talking so much on their turn about their options and my plans that they spent 4 minutes on all their moves and I spent 1 minute on my moves (in essence).  

My 7 year old son was on my team and made numerous good observations about open files, unprotected pieces, underproctected pieces, bad trades, and bad moves.  I was impressed that he tried to follow the entire game of 2.5 hours.