Puzzle Training Approach

Jan 9, 2016, 8:16 PM |

I think I am going to start doing the puzzle training feature with "ratings turned off."  For me I get too pressured with the timer and the whole rating idea.  So, a puzzle loaded up, I wasn't worried about time, yet a timer is still there, and I solved it in 2 minutes and 26 seconds.  And I am happy!!!  


I probably would not have gained "rating points" if it was being rated;  but if I am playing Game 75 OTB there will be times when I spend 2 minutes and 26 seconds for a move, and I know that if I can find a great move on the trainer, then I can give a good move in real life;  So, in my opinion, I am not focused on beating a count-down timer, nor getting a puzzle rating per se, I am interested in studying the position carefully and understanding what is going on, instead of trying to get points or beat a clock which will not be relevant in OTB. I guess if you want to prepare for Blitz then the "rated puzzles" is a better approach.