Ratings don't matter, but even so I am happy.

Sep 1, 2015, 7:07 PM |

My blitz rating the last 12 months on lichess.org has hovered between 1600-1700.  In the last 6 days though I have went from 1680 to 1829.  Yes, I think it is possible I could drop down to 1700 any day, but even so...some progress is clearly being made when for 12 months I have been in the 1690 range.   I wonder if I start playing 15 min time control if my rating there (1880) will starting improving too, or if I am simply getting more wins due to time managment issues in blitz.   So, yes, ratings are not everything, but in a very basis sense they reflect an improvement in something, even if it is difficult to articulate what those skills are; maybe less lose pieces, maybe more threats being made, maybe more tactics being seen for my pieces and tactics avoided by my opponent, maybe keeping better pawn structures that I used to in the last 12 months.