Rough Draft for Norm Calculator in Excel

Jun 8, 2016, 12:49 PM |

Page 1, Shows a Chart of a 5 round tournament (Column A), where a player won all 5 rounds (Column G) against various Opponents (Column D). The Chart shows calcuations used for various Norm Criteria based upon what Category for which one is aiming to achieve. (Column B)

On Page 2, the calculation continues as the Difference between your Rating and Your Opponent's Rating (Column F) is measured by 4 different definitions.  If the Difference is less than or equal to negative 400, then that round is given a 1 point penalty (in my viewpoint, because the game and result will not contribute positively towards gaining a score sufficient for a Norm).

If the Difference is less than or equal to 0, but greater than negative 400, then round penalty is found by adding .5 to the total of the Difference (Page 1, Column F) divided by 800.

If the Difference is less than 200, but greater than 0, then the round penalty is found by adding .5 to the total of the Difference (Page 1, Column F) divided by 400.

If the Difference is greater than 200, then there is no penalty, but rather a full 1 point is awarded to the player for that round.

Finally, in Green , we see the total Norm Penalties acculmulated after 5 rounds of play. (Column L)   

You will see too, that if the "Difference" (Column F) does not meet the Definition on Page 2, then no penalty is applicable by that definition.  In some manner "winning a game" is not a penalty, but winning a player who is 200 points lower than you will not "contribute" toward the points you need to get a norm.  Winning a game against someone with your exact same rating may only grant you half a point towards your goal of getting a normal, so in essence there is a half-point penalty (drag) from getting a sufficient score for a Norm. 



On Page 3, we take our Tournament Score (Column G in Orange), we won 5 games out of 5, and subtract our Norm Penalty (Column L in Green) to see if we still have a Performance rating  (Column O, Red) which is greater than 1.  If our Performance Rating is greater than 1, then we have acquired a Norm for that Category.  If our Performance Rating is equal to or less than 1, then we have not qualified for a "Norm" for that Category.  

Finally, I do not know if any of this correct.  I may have a worng understanding of the process, or I may have wrong formulas in my Excel operations. It seems strange to me that a person can get a 2nd Category Norm, just by beating 2 players rated 1600 and 1623, while the other 3 opponents were 1400 or below.  

Anyhow, this just my guess work.  But I have everything in Excel, so all I have to do is enter in the ratings of my 5 opponents, and then enter in the Round Results, everything else is calculated by Excel.