This chump got extremely lucky.

May 2, 2012, 10:39 AM |

This chump got extremely lucky! And I am that chump.  I cannot take credit for this win, because things worked out so many times without me realizing they would.  I better quit playing today, because otherwise the reality of my chess poverty would soon be exposed.

I moved 26. Qh6 knowing I had a pin on the rook if capturing the knight, but I forgot that White's Queen would prevent my recapture of the Rook, so I brought my rook up to pile up.  White's 29. Nb6 is nothing that I saw at move 26, but it allowed me to trade off both rooks and get my lost Knight back.  At move 32 I had only 40 or so seconds left, which is an easy win obviously, but it is always fun to invite a time scramble when you are so far ahead;  at times I intentionally let the clock in these cases drop 10-15 seconds so I can enjoy the rush of moving fast when you have few worries.  My final area of luck is 40.Nf8 when it not only blocks the Queen but also covers the Queen check at e6.  (once again, nothing I planned.) ha ha.