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Three D Chess Variant

Three D Chess Variant

Mar 12, 2015, 6:54 AM 0

Here is a fledging idea, that could take several directions for a chess variant.  You may want to use 3 chess sets per side, and also change certain move patterns.  The concept though is to use:

1. a cube one story high.
2. a cube two stories high.
A knight on the ground level can only attack pieces on the ground level, but the large board will also have a knight which is propped up by a cube one story high, it cannot attack pieces on the ground or on two cubes;

You could invent new pieces which could indeed impact pieces on levels one and two, but not the ground; and pieces that impact levels ground and one cube, but not the second cube height.  You may also include a "master piece" which (in theory like the current queen) does impact all three tiers (ground, 1 cube high, 2 cube high);

Unlike the Star Trek episode, one is not looking at three floors which are separated, rather one is looking a mix-match of ground, then 2 cube, then 1 cube and completely intertwined mountainscape of heights.  A player would need to know which "new" pieces can influence 2-3 tiers on the z-plane, and which pieces cannot; the player would need to know when to play offensively in the valley, versus on the plane, versus on the mountain.  

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